June 19 2020 - Tips & Tricks


You purchased a stone countertop through a GRANITDESIGN partner, and you can already picture your new kitchen! But what are the next steps?


Upon opening your project, we can confirm a template date, and a reminder is sent a few days prior. We can also provide the week at which the installation will take. The precise date will be established when the project is released into production, and a reminder is sent a few days prior. In addition to these reminders, our technicians call the night before for the first appointment of the day, and 30 to 60 minutes prior to arrival for any other appointment of that day.


This step is crucial, as it is where all the final details are ironed out. During this time, make sure that any hesitation, change, possible addition are addressed. This is why we ask that a person having authority on the project is present throughout. After template, it is harder to make changes, and any request will result in delays in the originally planned schedule, and may cause additional charges. Here are important elements to prepare for template :


The site must be easy to access


The surface must be free of all objects


The cabinets must be installed, fixed to the walls and level (except for the PerfectFIT projects, where we template BEFORE cabinets are installed on walls that have gyp roc and seams are plastered. Learn more about the PerfectFIT!)


The apron sink must be installed but not fixed (you can connect the plumbing!)


ON-SITE, but not installed, we must have :

  • Sink (s)
  • Faucet
  • Soap dispenser
  • Stove/Cooktop
  • Any other pertinent accessory


If one or more elements are not respected during our visit, our team will be unable to complete a successful template and will need to reschedule a 2nd appointment (additional charges may apply)


Following template, GRANITDESIGN offers the possibility to view the chosen slab superimposed onto the work plan. This is highly recommended for natural stones with a lot of movement.


The project is now released! At this stage, any change becomes very complex, sometimes impossible depending on the case. Once fabricated, each project is packaged and dispatched to our technicians according to the route and the appointment sequence.


Our technician will contact the decision maker 30 to 60 minutes prior to arrival, except for the first appointment of the day; whom he calls the night before (because no one wants to get a call at 4 in the morning!). A typical installation takes anywhere between 30 minutes to 2 hours. To be well prepared for our arrival, consider the following :


Access must be cleared, and safe


We recommend that you protect your floors, as our technicians cannot remove their safety boots


The decision-maker must be on-site


The space is to be well prepared :

  • Countertops removed (unless you chose our removal & Haul-away service)
  • Water, electricity, gas or any other service must be disconnected
  • The stove must be removed from its position
  • The cabinet below the sink must be cleared (in the case of undermount sinks)
  • The elements that were on-site for template should still be on-site
  • The apron sink and/or cooktop must be installed


Our team takes care of installing the undermount sink. However, the plumbing needs to be reconnected 24 hours after installation (to let the glue cure correctly) and must be taken care of by the occupant.


Other elements that are under the occupant’s responsibility are :

  • Waste disposal supports
  • Installation of faucets, dishwasher, and cooktop
  • Installation of any other support


You have questions? Feel free to chat with one of our agents!