August 16 2019 - Kitchen Tips & Tricks

The Perfect FIT


The PerfectFIT™

GRANITDESIGN, in collaboration with its Select Elite Partners, offers an innovative and exclusive measurement process that enables us to create a counter from the cabinetry plans, making it possible to install your counters the day following the cabinet installation. The PerfectFIT™ process offers you the same measurement quality as if it were done on the cabinets, all the while allowing us to perform the design, fabrication and installation steps in record time to install your counters 1 business day after.



What you must know

For a PerfectFIT™ to be successful, the site must be clean, gyproc installed and joints done. This will allow our team to take measurements and build a plan that will indicate how cabinets and countertops need to be installed, all at the same time.


In the images below, on the left you will notice a site well prepared. On the right, however, a few images of sites that were not properly prepared for the PerfectFIT™ process, which can cause delays for our technicians and possible rescheduling. In these photos on the right, you can see :

  • Joints that are not done
  • Surfaces that are not level
  • Gypse that is not installed everywhere
  • Walls that are damaged and not repaired

THE MEASUREMENT PROCESS is crucial. It is at this point that the following elements are determined :

  • Sink centre
  • Wall beginning and end
  • Full countertop layout (dimensions, installation angles, directives)
  • Fix and removable seams

It is therefore important to have the assistance of an expert Kitchen & Bath designer that will validate the layout of all elements and confirm optional accessories (integrated drainboards, soap dispensers, arcs & radiuses, etc.), so that the final plan meets expectations at 100%.

Once the final plan is approved, cabinets and countertops are fabricated simultaneously by respective fabricators. So that the PerfectFIT™ is … well… Perfect, each fabricator must play according to the rules and follow the final plan to the T.


Cabinets go in first, once again following the final plan meticulously. The next day, our technicians are ready and on-site to install the countertop.


The Advantage for You

Imagine not needing to wait 7 to 10 days for your countertop following cabinet installation! Imagine receiving your counters the next day! That is the PerfectFIT™. Speed without compromising quality of both product and installation services that have contributed to GRANITDESIGN’s pride & reputation for over 20 years.


Header Image: Armoires Cordeau