Style, Durability and Peace of Mind

Granite is resistant, durable and made to last, which makes it an ideal natural stone for a variety of projects. Most commonly used for kitchen or vanity countertops, fireplace contours and flooring, this natural stone is created by nature. Each slab has a unique variation, texture and movement.

Exclusive Antistain Treatment

Several granites will benefit from the application of an anti-stain treatment. Unlike common sealers, GRANITDESIGN’s exclusive anti-stain treatment acts at a molecular level, penetrating deep into the stone’s pores to create a durable protective barrier. The application takes place during fabrication by our trained experts, ensuring full satisfaction. This treatment is offered with a 15-year warranty
(certain conditions apply).

Stone Care Kit

GRANITDESIGN offers our partners a Stone Care Kit, including a 3 in 1 product (which acts as a cleaner, sealer and shine enhancer) and an impregnator which will render the surface temporarily liquid proof, increase its resistance to stains. Ask to have a kit included in your order!

Choose your materials wisely. Make a wise choice with the advice of our experts.

GranitDesign Offers a wide selection of colors that can be combined with any style