Timeless, Silky Smooth and Easy to Maintain

Soapstone is composed of many minerals, but talc is what gives it that silky smooth sensation. Non-porous, it is therefore naturally antibacterial and anti-stain. No sealer is required and an oil or wax can be used to temporarily enhance the natural veining.


For daily spills, a soft clean cloth and soapy water is all you need. This surface is more sensitive to scratches; however, it is also the easiest to restore. A slight sanding with a grade 600 sand paper followed by the application of an oil or wax will make those marks disappear.

Mineral Oil & Enhancer

GRANITDESIGN offers our partners a light, food-grade oil specially developed for soapstone. Because of its light weight, our oil spreads easily and enhances the natural beauty and patina of your surface. Contains no nuts, therefore is ideal for households that deal with food-related allergies.

Also available is our Soapstone Enhancer. Two applications will last for years! Made with all-natural carnauba wax and walnut oil, this food-safe product will keep your surface beautiful for years! Ask to have these products included in your order!

Choose your materials wisely. Make a wise choice with the advice of our experts.

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