Back Granite - Brazil


Copenhagen is extracted in a Brazilian quarry. This granite offers a soft cream background with spots of brown, black and gold accents. 

Its dramatic appearance will enhance any kitchen or bathroom project. Copenhagen is ideal for traditional or rustic decors, offering a warm and unique stone that will have those who incorporate a parcel of this Brazilian jewel to their homes dreaming of its country’s warmth and charm.

In the course of the polishing process, an epoxy resin is applied to the stone’s surface to fill part of its porosity (or pores) and natural cracks that may be apparent. This has no incident on the durability, the maintenance or the beauty of the natural stone. It is possible that certain pores are too small to contain efficiently the resin, and reopen during the finishing stages. However, this does not affect the stone’s quality or beauty. Such as it is the case with many natural stones, it is recommended to apply a sealer to extend its beauty through time.

  • Counters
  • Fireplace Contours
  • Flooring
  • Full-Size Backsplash
  • Interior Furniture
  • Podium Bath Contours
  • Shower Base
  • Sinks
  • Wall
Technical file (PDF)